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In other words…We’re new! so bear with us. For those visiting us for the first time and wondering “where are all the placement opportunities you’ve promised?” we are currently in the process of building our database to ensure we provide you with the best placements. – Sign up to your FREE account and create placement alerts to ensure that you receive updates when new placement opportunities land.

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Trainbee is the first and only dedicated directory for counselling and psychotherapy placements in the UK. We are committed to making the process of finding and providing placements as smooth and easy as possible for both trainee therapists and placement providers. 

Trainbee was born from a passion to see more counsellors in the field, we’re excited to partner with you to ensure that thousands of clients everywhere have access to therapy. We consider you the busy bees of the counselling world, that’s why we’ve designed our platform to be intuitive and user-friendly, with all the tools and resources you need to make your placement experience a positive one. 

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